Developmental Testing

 Unhappy Teenage Girl Looking At Diary In Bedroom At NightIs Your Child Or Teen Experiencing Ongoing Stress, Sadness or Mood Swings?

  • Does your child have a short fuse and lose his or her temper over minor issues?
  • Is your child having difficulty focusing or concentrating?
  • Has your child’s school performance declined in a short period of time?
  • Does your child have worries, negative thoughts or pessimistic thinking?
  • Does your teen struggle with school or with peers?

Children and teens experiencing social-emotional or developmental difficulties often have negative or pessimistic thinking, exhibit trouble interacting with peers and withdraw from family activities. As a parent, you may feel like you are constantly walking on eggshells and afraid to upset your child. Often your child’s behavior may be unpredictable making life extremely stressful for you and other family members. Having a child with social-emotional problems can be stressful, frustrating and even embarrassing at times. Although some days may be easier to navigate, you may still be left wondering if your child’s emotional roller coaster is a phase or if something more serious is occurring.

Appropriate Diagnosis Leads To Effective Treatment and Services

Children and adolescents with social emotional problems frequently exhibit a wide range of symptoms. Due to the variety of symptoms, our assessment process is multifaceted and often includes information collected from multiple sources—parents, caregivers, and teachers, as well as your child. Depending on the unique symptoms your child is experiencing the evaluation could assess areas such as:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • moodiness
  • problem solving skills
  • coping skills
  • resilience
  • interpersonal relations
  • behavioral/emotional regulation
  • goal setting
  • organization
  • self-control and self-monitoring
  • working memory and processing speed
  • inhibition and impulsivity

Developmental testing typically takes between 2-4 hours depending on the needs of your child. Testing is generally conducted over a couple of sessions to ensure that your child is performing at his or her best. After the evaluation is completed we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report, including recommendations and individualized treatment options (when appropriate). In a follow-up meeting, we’ll explain the results, answer any questions you have and make sure that you understand the report and recommendations. If needed, we can also consult with teachers and/or other service provides to best support the healthy development of your child.

You may feel that developmental testing is the right thing for your child, but still have questions and concerns…

I’m worried that my child could be misdiagnosed or labeled.

This is a common and understandable concern. However, at Innovative Psychological Solutions, we provide you and your child with valuable information – not a label. Our professional testing provides you with information that can help you to fully understand your child’s unique strengths and weaknesses. This comprehensive information can also empower you and others working with your child to better meet his or her needs. Research shows that the earlier that potential weaknesses are identified and addressed, the better the long-term outcomes. Our evaluations can also help you to better understand how to help your child or teen cope with difficult situations and better regulate emotions.

Is developmental testing worth the time and expense?

Although testing can be expensive,  it is a worthwhile investment in the well-being and development of your child. Testing provides you with valuable information and the opportunity for you to ensure that your child’s educational and social-emotional needs are met. We use state of the art assessment instruments and an individualized testing battery that provides a thorough picture of your child and an accurate diagnoses (when appropriate). Furthermore, investing in developmental testing now and obtaining information about what’s occurring for you child can help you put valuable supports in place now, which can help to mitigate or prevent problems in the future.

How do I know if my child really needs an evaluation or testing?

Our goal at Innovative Psychological Solutions is to ensure we meet the individual needs of your child. We tailor testing and interventions to meet each child’s specific needs. If you are unsure if your child could benefit from testing, please contact us for a free consultation. We are happy to meet with you and discuss your concerns so you can make the best decision about how to move forward.

We invite you to call 703-273-2198 to request more information about developmental testing and our practice or to schedule a free consultation appointment.