Intellectual/Private School Cognitive Ability Testing

Private School, Intellectual TestingIntellectual/Private School And AAP Admissions Testing

  • Are you in the process of applying to a private school or gifted program in the public school setting?
  • Do you wish you better understood the testing process and the best way to proceed?
  • Are you concerned about how long the testing will take and if your child will need to miss school?

Determining what cognitive abilities testing your child needs is often confusing and overwhelming. The psychologists at Innovative Psychological Solutions are experienced and highly qualified to accurately assess the cognitive ability of children and adolescents. We can help you navigate the process of choosing the correct test and submitting the appropriate information. Our psychologists have administered hundreds of individual IQ tests to children of all ages and ability levels, helping families and school boards find the right educational programs for their children and adolescents. We offer expert assessment feedback regarding educational recommendations, and use the most recent and widely recognized standardized intelligence tests available.

We have worked with schools at the pre-school, elementary, middle school and high school levels with regard to individualized assessment and placement planning. Additionally, we have provided supervision to doctoral level graduate students conducting psycho-educational and psychological evaluations of children, adolescents and adults.

As an Associate Professor at Eastern Virginia Medical, Dr. Korrie Allen was an onsite supervisor overseeing students completing the APA approved internship program.

But, you still may have questions about testing and the services we provide…

Does my child need a cognitive ability assessment?

Most private schools in northern Virginia require a cognitive ability test as part of the admissions application. Children may also need cognitive ability testing for inclusion in advanced academic placement programs (AAP) offered at public schools. At Innovative Psychological Solutions, we provide cognitive ability testing for children 4-16 years old.

What cognitive ability assessments do you provide?

We have a test library that includes the most common cognitive ability assessments (e.g., Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, V; Woodcock Johnson Test of Cognitive Ability-IV; Differential Ability Scale-II; Stanford Binet Intelligence Scales-V). We will work with you to determine the appropriate tests based on the school(s) you are applying for admission.

How long does the process take?

The tests typically take approximately 45-90 minutes to administer depending on the age of your child. We create a testing environment that is both relaxing and structured in an effort to ensure that your child performs at his or her best ability. Cognitive abilities tests assess verbal and nonverbal skills and do not require preparation or additional studying.

Following testing, a professional feedback session is conducted during a separate appointment with the parents or guardian to review the results, scoring and interpretation of the student’s performance on the individualized intelligence test. In that session, a customized, confidential written report will be provided containing specific recommendations regarding your child’s performance. Our goal is to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.

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