Childhood Anxiety Treatment

Are Your Child’s Worries or Fears Impacting His Or Her Ability To Feel Good And Function?

  • Anxiety Speciality PageIs your child refusing or resisting school and often avoiding social situations?
  • Does your child need frequent reassurances or display signs of compulsive behavior?
  • Is it often a struggle for your child to start or finish tasks because he or she is afraid to make a mistake?
  • Does your child become angry or panic when asked to try new activities or meet new people?

In today’s world, anxiety in both children and teens is on the rise. It’s not uncommon for children to feel pressure to succeed, develop perfectionistic thinking, or experience social anxiety – even at a young age. Some children are naturally prone to anxiety, while others may develop anxiety following a significant loss, trauma or a major life transition. Children and teens with anxiety can experience varying symptoms that impact their functioning. Common behaviors characteristic of a child with anxiety include withdrawing from friends and family, displaying noticeable changes in self-esteem, struggling to “bounce back” after small setbacks, and seeming overly critical of his or herself. There are many treatments available to help your child develop coping mechanisms, reduce anxiety and experience relief.

Childhood Anxiety Treatment Can Provide Tools to Cope with Anxiety and Improve Daily Functioning 

The psychologists at Innovative Psychological Solutions will work with you and your child to develop a comprehensive childhood anxiety treatment plan. Our treatment plans are designed to help your child thrive in home, school and social settings, as well as to support you and your family. Our experienced child psychologists use cognitive behavioral approaches to help you respond to your child’s most challenging behaviors. Often children with anxiety miss opportunities to engage with peers, family members, teachers and other service providers. One of the primary goals at Innovative Psychological Services is to improve your child’s self-esteem and positive thinking and increase their overall ability to cope with difficult situations. This can lead to enhanced school performance, improved social skills and a reduction in family stress.

We use treatment approaches that empower you as a parent and provide you with support.  We recognize the needs of the entire family, and will thus equip you with education, tools and strategies to reduce stress and undue strain. Your psychologist will also offer you strategies that can be used on a daily basis. With the help of an experienced and supportive psychologist, you can develop skills to help your child cope with transitions, self-regulate his or her emotions and improve relationships with family and peers. 

Although you may feel that your child could benefit from therapy, you still may have questions or concerns about childhood anxiety treatment…

Could this just be a phase that my child will grow out of over time?

Children go through many phases during their development. As parents, we help them develop a strong foundation to cope with life challenges and difficulties. The goal of therapy is to help your child expand his or her coping mechanisms. For some children or teens this may mean one or two sessions while others may require more intensive childhood anxiety treatment. Either way, therapy provides the opportunity to build a strong foundation to help children navigate current and future problems and hardships.

How do I know if my child really even needs therapy?

As parents we all want our children to achieve their maximum potential. Our goal at Innovative Psychological Solutions is to ensure we meet the individual needs of each child and tailor testing and interventions accordingly. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss the specific needs of your child so you can make the best decision about how to move forward.

I’ve heard that childhood anxiety treatment can be expensive.  Is it worth it?

Although therapy can be expensive, we encourage you to consider it as a worthwhile investment in the well-being and development of your child. Therapy creates the opportunity for you to ensure that your child’s social-emotional needs are met. We provide individualized interventions tailored to meet the unique needs of your child. Teaching your child to cope with anxiety at a young age will provide him or her with the skills necessary to effectively problem solve.

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