Teen and Child Counseling

Child-CounselingAre You Concerned About Your Child’s Behavior, Coping Skills, and Emotions?

  • Does your child become angry or panic when asked to try new activities or meet new people?
  • Is your child having trouble controlling their behavior, even when it seems like he or she is trying?
  • Is your child struggling to make friends or seem withdrawn and agitated?
  • Does it appear something is not right with your child’s emotional state, but you just cannot seem to reach them?
  • Do you wish you could understand your child better and effectively intervene to improve his or her behavior?

Many children experience ups and downs during development. When your child is struggling academically, emotionally, or behaviorally it is often very stressful for the entire family. As a parent, you want to help your child but without a clear method of what to do you may feel worried, helpless, or even guilty.

If your child is irritable, agitated, impulsive, disruptive, lethargic you may also be worried about their ability to function at home, in school, and socially.

Children experience many phases throughout life and some are able to successfully adjust while others struggle to move forward. At other times they may have difficulty coping or functioning. Typically if your child is struggling in more than one area of their life (e.g., school, sports, friends, home) it is probably time to seek help. We offer individually tailored therapy services to help your child learn coping skills and enhance their emotional, social, academic, and behavioral skills so they can excel at home, in school, and with friends.

Developing Tools to Cope For Your Child and Family

The psychologists at Innovative Psychological Solutions will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is designed to help your child thrive in home, school and social settings, as well as support you and your family. Our experienced child psychologists use a variety of approaches, which can help you best respond to your child’s most challenging behaviors. Often children who struggle emotionally, behaviorally and/or academically miss opportunities to engage with friends, family members, teachers and other service providers. At Innovative Psychological Solutions, we’ll work with your child to improve self-efficacy, positive thinking and their overall ability to cope with difficult situations using cognitive. With help, support and the right approach, your child can experience enhanced school performance, improved social skills and better coping and stress management skills. When your child is feeling better and functioning with more ease, you will likely also experience more harmony in your home.

Our treatment approaches empower you as a parent and provide you with support.  We recognize the needs of the entire family, and will thus equip you with education, tools and strategies to promote communication and reduce tension in your home. Your therapist can offer you effective tips, tools and strategies that can be used on a daily basis. You can learn and implement strategies that can help your child cope with transitions, self-regulate his or her emotions and improve relationships with family and peers.

But, you still may have questions or concerns about teen and child counseling… 

How do I know if this is phase my child will grow out of or if there is a more serious problem?

Given that children go through so many phases during their development, it can sometimes be difficult to determine if behavioral or emotional shifts are temporary and normal or if something more serious is occurring. However, if your child has been struggling for some time and his or her behavior is causing you ongoing concern, it’s wise to be proactive and seek a consultation with a child psychologist. One of our experienced child psychologists can help you to determine what’s ailing your child and if he or she could benefit from counseling.

How do I know if my child really even needs therapy?

You know your child best. If he or she is struggling to feel good and function with ease, therapy can help. Studies indicate that early intervention yields the most effective and sustainable long-term results. If you’re still unsure, we would be happy to meet with you and discuss the specific needs of your child.

I’ve heard that therapy can be expensive. I’m not sure it’s worth the cost.

Although therapy can be expensive, it is also a valuable investment in the well-being and development of your child. Therapy is an opportunity to ensure that your child’s social-emotional needs are met, and we will tailor our approach and the therapy process to meet the unique needs of your child. Furthermore, teaching a child to cope with problems at a young age provides him or her with the skills necessary to effectively problem solve, setting your child up for future success.

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