ADHD Testing

ADHD Executive Functioning TestingIs Your Child Easily Distracted And Struggling To Complete Homework And Tasks?

  • Do thoughts pop into your child’s head and out of his or her mouth before he or she considers the outcome?
  • Does your child struggle to stay in his or her seat and keep hands and feet to him or herself?
  • Is your child’s backpack and bedroom a disaster? Is there often a trail of belongings throughout the house?
  • Does your child often procrastinate and/ore overestimate the amount of time he or she has to complete a task?

How Do I Know If My Child Has ADHD?

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) includes a combination of problems, such as difficulty sustaining attention, hyperactivity, poor planning and organization, and impulsive behavior. Signs of ADHD often occur in combination with learning, behavioral and social/emotional problems. Sometimes it is hard to determine if a child’s behavior is the result of ADHD, learning disabilities or another disorder that can impact learning and behavior. That’s why it’s so important to have a careful and comprehensive evaluation completed. At Innovative Psychological Solutions we have child psychologists with training to help you identify if your child meets the diagnostic criteria for ADHD or if other factors may account for his or her behavior.

Appropriate Diagnosis Leads To Effective Treatment and Services

Children and adolescents with ADHD frequently exhibit a wide range of symptoms. Due to the variety of symptoms, the assessment process is multifaceted and often includes information collected from multiple sources—parents, caregivers and teachers, as well as the child. Depending on the unique symptoms your child is experiencing the evaluation could assess areas such as:

  • attention control
  • behavioral initiation/productivity
  • behavioral/emotional regulation
  • goal setting
  • organization
  • planning and problem solving
  • self-control and self-monitoring
  • working memory and processing speed
  • inhibition and impulsivity

Testing typically takes between 2-4 hours depending on the needs of your child. Testing is often conducted over a couple of sessions to ensure your child is performing at his or her best. Our evaluations are designed to meet the state requirements regarding the request of specialized accommodations within the schools. After your child’s evaluation is completed we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report, which includes recommendations and individualized treatment options (when appropriate). Once testing is completed, we’ll meet with you and your child  to discuss the results and ensure that you understand the report and recommendations. We can also consult with teachers and/or other service provides to better support the development of your child.

You may feel testing is the right thing for your child, but still have questions and concerns…

I am concerned about a misdiagnosis or that child my child will be labeled.

This common concern is understandable. However, at Innovative Psychological Solutions, it’s our goal to provide you and your child with valuable information and not a label. Testing conducted by an experienced professional helps you to fully understand your child’s unique strengths and weakness. It also provides you and others working with your child the information and support needed to meet his or her specific needs. Studies show that the earlier ADHD is identified and addressed, the better the long-term outcomes. An ADHD evaluation and subsequent treatment also helps you to better understand how to help your child learn new concepts, maintain concentration and reduce daily struggles. 

Is testing worth the time and expense?

Testing can be expensive, however, we encourage you to consider it as a worthwhile investment in the well-being and development of your child. Testing helps to ensure that your child’s educational, behavioral and social-emotional needs are met. We use state of the art assessment instruments and an individualized testing battery that provides a clear picture of your child and accurate diagnoses.

How do I know if my child really even needs an evaluation or testing?

If you suspect that your child may have ADHD, seeking a diagnosis and treatment as early as possible will best prepare your child for future success. At Innovative Psychological Solutions, we work hard to meet the individual needs of each child and tailor testing and interventions accordingly. If you have further questions or concerns about ADHD testing, we encourage you to call for a consultation to discuss the specific needs of your child and testing.

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